I’m officially a 1-year-old today as a freelancer!

Image by Jukan Tateisi

How time flies! Today marks my first 365 days working as a freelancer.

After an expected laid off when the Covid-19 pandemic (I’m sure you all still remember) took its first hit in Canada, I realized how “job security” is really a myth. Things can change overnight. Degrees, experiences, past…

Dedicate your effort to service the better clients, better.

Image: Mantas Hesthaven/Unsplash

This week, I had to make a difficult decision to let one of my newest clients go. But it happened, for a good reason.

If you had asked me a few months ago, I wouldn’t believe that I would let go of a client who’s in an interesting niche and…

My interview with TaskShift.

Image: Samantha Borges/Unsplash

I was recently invited for an interview to share my experience as a freelancer by TaskShift, an online freelance marketplace that allows freelance to keep 97% of their earnings. …

Let’s talk about the financial sense of client retention on Upwork and beyond.

Image: Robert Anasch/Unsplash

I have recently chatted with a reader about opening up a freelancer account on Upwork. After explaining how the payment structure works on Upwork, he realized how important it is to retain clients from Upwork and was surprised that I haven’t dedicated a post for this matter.

For those of…

Job Hunting

Size often matters, but don’t rule out smaller organizations just yet.

Back in the days during my university years in business school, it was always the ones who got internships from big corporate companies or top consulting firms that received the most attention, praise, and jealous eyes from the cohort.

I was too, admitted to the Co-Op program in which I…

Win contracts that are “out of your league” and deliver great performance.

Image: Brett Jordan/Unsplash

I didn’t start being a freelancer with tons of relevant experience but managed to establish a self-sufficient freelance career under 12 months. If you are suffering from imposter syndrome or don’t know how to get started in a field where you are inexperienced, this article is for you.

Imposter Syndrome

A comparison between working with agencies and servicing your own clients.

Image: Hendrik Morkel/Unsplash

During the first year of my freelance career, while finding my feet in this novel space, I have had the opportunity to explore different setups with other teams and clients.

For both digital marketing and public relations, the two areas of service that I offer on Upwork, I’ve tried working…

When, why, and how should you start outsourcing, or not?

Image: Pascal Swier/Unsplash

It has been an unusual week for me full of novel tasks.

Kicking off the second year in my freelance career, I’m finding myself facing challenges that weren’t available to me in Year 1. Among these tasks, the most interesting one is outsourcing.

Working almost entirely solo in Year 1…

Image: Unsplash

During the global pandemic, companies on a global scale have been shifting their workflow from physical to digital. As more major companies move into a 100% remote structure, project-based roles are becoming increasingly attractive for both employers and professionals.

For employers: hiring project-based contractors is more cost-efficient. Without additional costs…

Using KPIs for clients to fuel a profitable and sustainable freelance career

Image: Marten Newhall/Unsplash

After an eventful year in the freelancing space, I’ve established a solid foundation with a collection of positive reviews and a network of clients. …

Vivian Cheng

Top-Rated Digital Marketing & PR Specialist on Upwork. I write about personal stories, reflections, and solutions to a fulfilling and holistic freelance career.

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